Jessica Chetrit

“Like a sensory therapy, a return to primary instincts, I model, sculpt and turn the sandstone. It is an endless source of inspiration for me.
My artistic approach revolves around the alliance of opposites to create a point of balance. These are the common threads of my work.

These guiding ideas can be found both in my sculptures and in my everyday objects.
The minimalist representation of my pieces leads to the essential, but is not limited to pure lines and simple geometric volumes.

In space, it is a constant game between the softness of the forms and the formal, frank and tense stripping.
I am inspired by artist who worked on sobriety, art without artifice, simplicity, space.
By creating, I try to create a touch of poetry. I like the idea that my ceramics invite you to daydream and perhaps bring another dimension, another meaning to our daily gestures.”

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