Vase SA298

Glass foam vase for dried flowers. Unique piece. This one is not waterproof.

This vase is made from waste glass from the company Maltha. This glass isn’t recycled in the glass industry because it isn’t pure enough. After many tests and experiments, I managed to make the glass expand, giving it a second life.

The impurities of the glass yield surprising results. Its randomness make each final object unique. This is a fight over natural and chaotic formation that suggest how a volcanic rock came to be.

Materials: recycled glass and silicon carbide

Size : 13x7cm – Weight : 357g


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Steven Akoun

French-American designer Steven Akoun strives towards an experimental design approach that blurs the boundaries between science and design. New materials and processes are becoming more and more critical in the realm of industrial design.

The designer’s passion for these challenges has enabled him to create thought provoking, sustainable and radical objects.

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Weight 502 g
Dimensions 7 × 13 cm