Virginie Pernot

“From 2018, I took classes at the EACV (Vallauris Ceramic Art School), first for leisure, and then professional training. I had the chance to be accompanied by great teachers, visual artists, ceramists, painters or ceramic turners (Claude Aïello, Marc Alberghina, Catherine Ferrari, Karyn Baron…) They were able to pass on to me the necessary bases for ceramic practice.

In my creations, I mainly use sandstone: White for its simplicity.

Or red for its explicit evocation of Mediterranean terracotta, a breeding ground for my inspiration.

Turning is one of my favorite technique! The proximity of Vallauris, its history with the Madoura workshop, animate my vocation to create utilitary forms, timeless and sculptural. I have been working since 2019 in collaboration with a glassmaker from Biot, Christophe Saba. I am sensitive to the questioning of art and beauty in everyday life, to the articulation between intuition and know-how, and to the affinity between the usefull piece and the artistic work.

See her pieces on the website.

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