Eve Schneider

Ève Schneider imagines and creates ceramic objects using artisanal processes. She trained in Paris. But she lives now in the middle of an olive grove in the Alpes Maritimes. Her pieces take shape there in her workshop.

Sensitive to the aesthetics of small things, each piece is seen as a little daily treasure.It is an object that we enjoy having close to us. For what it is or for what it evokes.

Each creation is signed with the name of the designer. Thus it participates in the writing of a manifesto: a Small treatise on (non) utilitarian ceramics. This manifesto expands over the collections.

This reflection around the notion of utility and (non)utility is materialized by a plural production. She mixes day-to-day and decorative objects, including a range of miniature vases.


The clay is beaten beforehand in order to remove any air bubbles trapped in the mass. It is then worked on the lathe using meticulous gestures whose sequence is guided by the speed of rotation of the lathe. The pressure exerted by the hands makes it possible to center the earth, to raise the walls and then to shape the imagined object.

Once hardened, the pieces undergo a few finishing touches before they can be baked for the first time at 980°C. It is only after the second firing at 1280°C that they take on their final appearance.

Her pieces will be soon available at Nuances Paris.

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