Enora Grill

Freelance designer and illustrator from Brest, I focus my practice on printed mediums, in particular screen printing, linocut and risography. Combining mythology, poetry and meteorology, I conceive prints as singular objects, inviting us to rub shoulders with the clouds and open up to dreams and reverie. 

L’envol – Enora Grill

Some evoke the pleasure of flying as we glide through the sky during our dreams, this space yet so close but inaccessible – others seek to capture this fabric of the imagination that are clouds. A mobile observer, the cloud is a material for reverie that stretches into a veil and groups together into an aerial giant. They swell, disintegrate, transform, and in a slow movement, they experience curves and elevations beyond human measures. 

Les Augures – Enora Grill

In general, I build my illustrations by mixing several symbols, or different levels of reading so that the interpretation remains free and that everyone can appropriate it. Elements such as clouds, birds, are recurring objects which allow me to signify everything that has an appeal to aerial environments, which allows me to consider my silkscreens as objects of reflection, which in return allows us to reconnect with the thoughts and dreams that we could have.  

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