Dorothée Alauzet

In parallel to my graphic design activity, I have been practising and training for 5 years in different techniques of artisanal and artistic creation such as serigraphy within Paris Ateliers, linocut, cut paper, and more recently ceramics for the past 2 years at Clay Atelier.

Far beyond an amateur practice, this research and experimentation work feeds my creativity and my desire to convert myself to an activity with a stronger meaning: a playful and lasting utility on a daily basis.

My journey remains atypical because I am self-taught. I have no label or (certification) associated with a prestigious school but a real motivation, curiosity, and desire to transmit – be it gesture, enthusiasm, or lightness through my creations.

The pieces presented evolve in very different universes. Each ceramic piece is unique, yet they have in common a strong, committed aesthetic universe and a similar function: celebrating life indoors.

See her pieces on the website.

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