Cécile Iparraguirre

“Passionate about colors, I am a graphic designer and illustrator by training, I have always been attracted to image. For me it is a real mean of communication and, at the same time, of introspection. Through my cutouts I want to tell a story, to capture memories or feelings.

I aspire to create an idea of color that is unique to me by trying to make an articulation between “graphic” and “chromatic”. I want to make form and color coexist by creating my own visual grammar.

My sources of inspiration are various, from coffee foam in the shape of a building or a sailboat, to the collar of a blouse or even a smooth wave movement. I have always had my eyes wide open to the world and I marvel at everything around me. I collect shapes, colored associations.

My goal is to question these shapes by creating interactions and interferences to separate them from their usual logic, so that they become a purely plastic material. This metamorphosis takes place with color, which I envision as a mean of construction. Color is a meeting point, a point of exchange between modulation or modeling processes.

The abstraction allows everyone to appropriate the work with their own feelings, and that is what I love. A collage for a thousand interpretations … for a thousand trips. My collages are a kaleidoscopic testimony of life.”

See her pieces on the website.

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