Incense Burner

Bleu nuit ceramic incense burner hand-turned in white stoneware with scalloped edges in the shape of a flower, transparent matte enamel. She adds black chamotte to the soil to obtain this speckled effect.
The incense burner is made up of two parts: a tealight holder and a cup that fits onto this support to hold your perfume.
Slip a scented wax fondant into the cup, light your candle and let one of its sweet scents embalm your interior. You can also use it with a little water added with a few drops of essential oil or perfumed oil. Be careful never to let your perfume burner burn empty, this could cause permanent stains.
Height approx. 9,5cm
Diam approx. 10cm
Weight: 350g
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Bleu Nuit céramique

“My name is Leila Santiago and I live near Montpellier. Bleu Nuit Céramique, it is only me and my two hands.

I get inspired by my childhood memories, my daydreams and my daily life.

See her portrait on the website

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 10 × 9,5 cm