Séverine Digonnet

Séverine discovered ceramics in 2017 in Kayoko Hayasaki’s studio in the heart of the Marais, in Paris. The first contact is a bit awkward, but the clay become obvious to her. Turning, modeling, casting, she trained with talented and generous ceramists (Grégoire Scalabre, Nathalie Domingo).

Through these techniques, she tames sandstone and its moods. New gestures, slower, more precise. Shapes, curves, textures, color, light… She experiments, discovers, and refines her eye.

“I like to explore new territories. I go where my ideas take me. I look for form, erase the superfluous and move away to go back to basics. Sometimes I let it go and the emotion grows. My pieces are made one by one by hand, in small series in my workshop, now located in Amiens. Nestled in my attic, very quiet and out of sight, I mix traditional ceramic techniques with the most recent ones to create contemporary and minimalist shapes. Fluid, graphic lines, often inspired by the architecture of the 1920s, pure colors, sometimes dazzling, sometimes soothing, thus placing my pieces in a refined and almost timeless universe, halfway between utility and sculpture. “

After 3 years spent in her Parisian studio, she needed more space and more nature. After a few back and forth trips, Amiens and its little British spirit have won her heart. A city on a human scale where life is good, it is in this pretty town that she set down her suitcases a few months ago, accompanied by her little Augustine and her husband, designer-cabinetmaker (@ pierre.digonnet).
They were lucky to set up their respective workshops, in their home, he on the ground floor and her two floors above. Their workshop is a peaceful space, bathed in light, ideal for creating in total serenity.

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