Atelier Panthère

I have always loved to look, touch and make.
Textile designer in Lyon, one day, I wanted to experience argile.
I registered in a workshop and very quickly needed to go further. A whole world to discover.

After a year of intense training at the Maison de la Céramique in Dieulefit in Drôme, I wandered around and ended up in a village in Tarn.
I opened my workshop in 2020, in between the vineyards and the hills.
I model my shapes by hand, create my plaster molds, stain and pour stoneware and porcelain. Objects are born from color, with delicacy.

I cook them in a high temperature electric oven, glaze the inside and sand the outside to achieve a soft matt finish.

Useful and decorative, my ceramics invite themselves into everyday life with poetry and delicacy.

See her pieces on the website.

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